Tarential is Back August 24th, 2012 at 4:15pm

It’s been a while since I dedicated time to sharing my opinions with the general public. Around four years, if Linux Today is to be believed. I’ve decided to remedy that situation.

This post is simply an introduction, so I’ll make it brief. I hope to provide readers with interesting, useful and accurate information about web based application development on this blog. I’ll be concentrating on publishing unique content, though I may throw the occasional news item in too.

As I edit my own blog posts and am responsible for my own fact checking, I will undoubtedly make mistakes. You, my faithful readers, in your infinite wisdom, will notice my mistakes. I ask you kindly to send me an e-mail with details about the problem(s) and I will correct them as soon as time allows.

Now it begins. My first article will appear shortly, so stay tuned.